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Let's talk graphic novels


Graphic novels are a great way to learn history. Book a presentation + workshop, and we'll talk about how to research historical events like World War II on the home front and the Great Chicago Fire. Then we'll break into smaller groups and put pencil to paper, getting students started writing a history-based graphic novel.


Bring together library, social studies, and art classes!

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  • Visits in-person or online 

  • 45-minute presentations

  • 15-minute Q&A

  • Visits can be tailored to teacher's topics

  • Books for kindergarten to fifth grade

  • Writing workshops available upon request

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

It's not always easy to justify bringing in an author to speak. But author visits are exciting ways to get kids pumped up about reading and writing. With schools under pressure to perform and devote so much classroom time to assessments, I have put together talks and writing workshops that focus on the fundamentals of writing, reading & research.

Virtual classroom visits

Laptop Zoom School Visit.jpeg

"Kate was so engaging with my students and asked them in-depth questions about the book that really made them think critically about what was happening . . . This literary experience is one that my students will always treasure and remember, and I am so thrilled to have been able to provide it for them!"

— Keely P'Pool, Bowling Green (KY) City Schools

Surprise virtual book-club visit

 Using more descriptive language

Basic elements of storytelling, voice & point of view

How to open with a BANG & tools for getting started

Research and how it can add color to creative writing

Outlining & building the skeleton of a story

The Scroll of Doom

I have students help me with "The Scroll of Doom," a 65-foot long roll of laminated rejection letters I accumulated over the years. I heard quite a few "no's" before landing that first book contract! And the scroll helps demonstrate what resilience and perseverance look like. 

scroll of doom.jpg
Students unfurling The Scroll of Doom in school's library

Topics for K to 5th Grade

Kindergarten - 1st grade

I can present on the basics of storytelling and how ideas turn into books, sharing examples from my own books and writing life. We celebrate being curious people and asking great questions!

2nd - 3rd grades

We discuss curiosity and asking questions, and the role of reading in helping us collect words. And we talk about what research looks like. Because graphic novels are so popular, I can also present a talk on how to write one!

4th - 5th grades

I get into the specifics of storytelling, from POV to voice to plotting, as well as the Three Rs of Writing – reading, revising & resilience. We can talk about inventors, detectives, superheroes, graphic novels, and more.

VIrtual surprise

Virtual visits are a fun way to energize a class. And I have a lot of fun dropping into book clubs and classrooms for a surprise visit and low-key conversation. Even better when we take time for questions & answers

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