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Curriculum Guides

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Christina Moorehead showed super skills in creating the curriculum connections for using CAPE, MASK, and BOOTS in the classroom. Check out her clever and fun "League of  Secret Heroes" teacher's guides by clicking on the covers. And if your students create their own superheroes or spotlight superheroes in their lives, please share their videos with me!

Visit Simon & Schuster for more discussion questions and activities!

Big thanks to curricula designer Eric Arnall for crafting the teaching & discussion guides for THE GREAT CHICAGO FIRE: RISING FROM THE ASHES. Click on the links for the appropriate grade level and subject. If your students create their own graphic novels in the classroom, please reach out and share with me!

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Bonnets off to Anne Bond, who created some remarkable teacher’s guides to using THE DETECTIVE'S ASSISTANT in the classroom! Anne’s work was presented at an education research symposium at Loyola University-Chicago in spring 2016. With her permission, I am sharing links to the guides at the Illinois READS homepage. Thank you, Anne!


click on the covers Below for More discussion guides

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Bring Josephine Cochrane into the classroom with this curriculum guide to JOSEPHINE AND HER DISHWASHING MACHINE, about the early female inventor and entrepreneur.

Or go to Northern Illinois University's incredible lesson plan!

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